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Centrale BewonersRaad Drienerlo

Last edit: 06/07/2021


As the board of the Central Tenants Council Drienerlo (Centrale BewonersRaad Drienerlo), we represent all tenants who are living on the campus of the University of Twente / Enschede and are renting from de Veste/Vechtdal wonen. We have regular meetings with de Veste and other parties to make sure that the tenants can share their opinions on various issues. The board will also gather opinions from tenants via various ways which include but are not limited to tenants councils and questionnaires. The board can also receive mails from tenants with current issues, or issues or ideas can be brought to the attention of the board via members of the street committees.
To fulfill these goals, we sometimes may need information from tenants, committee members or board members. We care about your privacy and take great care in storing the personal information that you provide us with. We make sure to fulfill the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; Dutch: Algemene verordering gegevensbescherming), which is in place since May 2018. 

Personal information from tenants:

Goals for which we use the collected data:

  • To form a well-rounded opinion which represents the opinion of tenants living on the University of Twente campus, living in houses from Vechtdal Wonen. 
  • To use this formed opinion to give feedback and suggestions to the plans of Vechtdal Wonen. 
  • To keep tenants on campus up to date about the plans of the Centrale BewonersRaad, for example via the newsletter.


  • Minutes of the tenant council meeting. 
  • Survey asking the tenant for opinions or suggestions.
  • Email received from tenants. 
  • Contact form on the website.
  • Newsletter sign-up form on the website.
  • Social media

Which data is gathered:

  • Opinions and feedback on plans or problems related to living on the campus of the University of Twente. 
  • Email address. 
  • Full name. 
  • In which area (street) on campus you live.

Personal information from committee members:

Goals for which we use the collected data:

  • Administration.
  • To contact committee members and arrange meetings.
  • To pay back money when things are bought for the committee.


  • Minutes committee meetings.
  • Provided by committee members when joining the committee. 
  • Declaration form

Which data is gathered:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • IBAN*
  • BIC* (If non-Dutch bank account)

*Only needed when a committee member submits a declaration form

Personal information from board members:

Goals for which we use the collected data:

  • Administration.
  • Registration at official institutes (Kamer van Koophandel, bank, etc.)
  • Social media


  • Provided by board members themselves when joining the board. 

Which data is gathered:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Photo’s


For our website (, we use functional and analytical cookies which are used for the functioning of the website, and they will not save data that we can use to lead back to you. Via the website you can also contact us via a contact form, in which you have to enter your name, a subject title and your message. We will receive this message as an email and we can view this within our website. The information in the message will be handled for the goals which are stated in that email only. Furthermore, tenants can sign up on the website for the newsletter. As described in the section “Personal information from tenants”, an email address and full name is collected, as well as the area (street) on campus that they live in. Since there are different areas on campus, with its own committees, this will help to send specific messages to the correct people. 

Provision to third parties:

We may share opinions on topics, issues brought to our attention and other comparable issues/ideas anonymously to de Veste/Vechtdal Wonen or other parties that are involved in making decisions concerning the tenants. These opinions/issues or other items will be made anonymous before sharing them with other parties. Furthermore, only board members have access to the data we collect. Additionally, we will only give the needed information to parties that help us with achieving the above mentioned goals. When this is the case, their privacy documents will be carefully read, and processing agreements will be made when needed. We do not sell your data to third parties for commercial purposes. 

Retention period gathered data:

Data will be retained for as long as needed to fulfill the goal for which the information was given and not longer, or what is legally necessary. 


Those who are handling the data take adequate precautions on an organisational as well as on a personal level to keep the data provided to us safe. 

Changes to this privacy policy:

We have the right to make changes to this privacy policy. The most updated version can always be requested via mail or is available on our website.


You have various rights concerning your personal data:

  • The right to access the personal data that we have stored of you.
  • The right to be erased from our database. 
  • The right of rectification or additions, which means that you can alter the data that we have of you. 
  • The right of data portability, meaning that you can ask us to give your personal data to another party
  • The right of restricted processing, by asking us to process less of your personal data. 
  • The right that when an automated decision is made about you, you can ask us to let a human look at it. 
  • You have the right to object to us collecting your personal data. 
  • You have the right to know which personal data we collect, how we use it and why we need it, which we hope this privacy policy informs you on. 

If you want to make use of any of your rights, you can contact us with the information given below.

Contact information board:

For more information, question, suggestions or complaints you can contact us via email or mail:

Centrale BewonersRaad Drienerloo

Drienerlolaan 5 – building Bastille

7522NB Enschede