Board 2024

In December 2023, the new CBR has been appointed. Below, you can find the introductions of the board members.

Margriet Eijken – Chairwoman

Hey! I’m Margriet, I’m 24 years old and I am the chairman of the CBR this year. I am a master student Applied Mathematics and I have lived at the Matenweg for about five years now. I have not always lived here though, before I found my current house I sublet a room at the Witbreuksweg for almost half a year. I have always enjoyed living on campus with all the greenery and the campus residents who make sure it is never boring. With this board year I would like to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes and at the same time represent the campus residents when important decisions are being made. I am looking forward to this year to make the campus an even better place together with the rest of the board!

Brian Wieggers – Treasurer

Hi, I’m Brian. I’ve been living in a studio on Witbreuksweg since I started my bachelor in 2022. Both democracy and sustainability are important topics for me. With the upcoming sustainability renovations coming up, it will be the perfect opportunity to combine these two topics. I’m excited to increase the impact of the opinion of the tenants on the policy of Veste Wonen. This way, we’ll improve our living space on campus together.

Jorn de Jong – Secretary

Heyo! I am  Jorn, a mathematics student and soon to be treasurer of CBR. Recently, I moved from the bustling city center to the peaceful campus. I have always been passionate about creating a better and more sustainable living environment for myself and others. That’s why I decided to join this board and bring my ideas to the table. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the board members and making a positive impact on the campus.

Michiel van Lookeren Campagne – Vice Chairman

Hello! My name is Michiel van Lookeren Campagne and I’m 21 22 years old. I’ve been living on the campuslaan since I started my studies in 2019. In the past few years I’ve become more interested in how things are ran on campus. These things include how Veste Wonen deals with the gas prices, our cooptation right and the facilities in and around our houses. When I heard we actually have a foundation that works on this exact topic, I was interested immediately.

I still plan to live on the campus for a few more years, so I have plenty of motivation to keep the campus as great as it is.

Daan Pluister – Promotion & PR

Hi there! I am Daan Pluister, 24 year old and living in Witbreuksweg. Currently I am finishing my masters program for Applied Mathematics and during this I will be part of the CBR board. I was also part of the CBR board in 2022. I realised that I like the discussions with Veste Wonen and the Street committees and the different challenges that come with them. Together with input on new ideas for on the Campus, I am excited that I could make a come back! This is my seventh year on campus. The first three of which I lived in a studio in the Box and now in a student house at Witbreuksweg ‘blue’. With the experience of my past board year at CBR Drienerlo I hope to give continuity in the information that the CBR Board wants to know. Next to this I will put my focus on promoting our activities to the tenants. And with the renovations coming up for many student houses, I know this will be an exciting year for CBR Drienerlo!