About CBR

Who are we?

After many years, the central tenants council (Centrale BewonersRaad) is starting up again! The central tenants council listens to tenants, their problems and tries to represent all tenants at meetings with Veste Wonen. Additionally, the Veste will ask us for advice on plans, and then we will try to represent tenants, either by having a tenants meeting or using other ways to gather opinions.

What is our goal?

Our general goal is to represent all tenants, their wishes, complaints and advice, to Vechtdal Wonen. Vechtdal Wonen will also ask us for advice on certain matters, and here we will try to form an opinion based on the input we get from tenants. We will try to ask for input in various ways, depending on the matter. 

What can we do for you?

We are here to represent you towards Vechtdal Wonen. This does not mean that when your sink is broken, we will help you with this, but we are here to listen to problems which are relevant for a whole street or the whole campus.

If you have questions, problems or anything else that you want to talk to us about, you can reach us by filling in the contact form on this site!