How to student-house Cooking

How to cook

For many people, student houses are a strange concept. And they are, indeed, quite strange. How often have you come across a house with twelve people living together that are not students?

To give you some more insight into how the student houses of Enschede organize their daily affairs, we made a survey and asked them. With the help of their answers, we made this  HOW TO STUDENT-HOUSE guide for you!

How to Cook

In many houses having dinner together in the evening is one of the most bonding times. Sitting down and talking about your day with your housemates can really turn ‘housemates’ into family. 

But how do the student houses of Enschede organize this?
We found out that most houses divide the evenings of the week. In bigger houses, two people might be assigned to cook each night and in houses with less housemates it is often just one person. It works best when filling out the schedule on the weekend before the week has started.
You can use an app, such as eetlijst, to make the schedule. But you can also go oldschool and just use a simple whiteboard or piece of paper!
For the cleaning afterwards, there are two options most commonly seen. First one being, if you cooked the food, you don’t have to clean. Second option is that when you cook you also clean everything, this does take you more time, but you will be free on all other evenings!

And really, there is not much more to it! Just make sure that before you start cooking and eating together, you have made agreements on dietary restrictions and preferences!

What to cook?
Maybe you are reading this and thinking, this all sounds fun and games, but I don’t even know how to cook!? This is completely understandable, everyone has to learn! Don’t be afraid to try new things and start simple. To give you some inspiration we have found these websites with some recipes on them you can try! I hope you found this article useful! Bon appetit! 

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