How to student-house Cleaning

How to clean

For most people, living in a (semi) clean house is important. No one likes to sit on a dirty couch or having to clean other people’s mess. But how do you make sure everyone does their part? These are a few of the ways other student houses organize the cleaning of their house:

1.      Each week one person cleans the whole house.

2.      The common areas are divided into the kitchen and living room/bar. Both get cleaned each week, taking turns between roommates. So, if you are living with eight people you clean the kitchen or living room every two months.

3.      Clean the whole house once a month in groups of four. So if you live with 12 people, you only clean once every three months.

4.      Divide the house into four tasks( kitchen, living room, toilet and bathroom) and make a schedule in which people switch around between the different tasks.

5.      Every week two people have to spend one hour cleaning the common areas. It is not specified what you should do exactly, but it is expected that one of the two people at least vacuums and mops.

As you just read, for all houses it does come down to having a cleaning schedule. How the schedule is shaped is different per house. Of course, some houses also work without a cleaning schedule. Hopefully, these tips can help you if you have to create a cleaning schedule, or maybe you want to update your current schedule! Most important is to customize it to your house’s desires. Some houses might find it important that the house is always clean, others might not care that much. So, make sure to communicate! We wish you happy cleaning!