We are looking for a candidate-board

We are looking for candidate board members for the CBR board of 2023! Are you interested in making an impact on what happens on campus? Would you like to be in contact with The Veste and the municipality about matters that affect all campus residents? Or think of innovative events that can take place? Then the CBR board might be something for you. 

If you are interested and would like to apply for the board or would like to receive more information, you can contact us via board@cbr.utwente.nl  When applying, send us a small CV and motivation letter.


What does a board year at the Central tenants council look like? 

Hello! Great that you are interested in doing a board year at the CBR! Let me tell you something more about it 🙂 Let me first introduce myself: my name is Maartje and I am the current chairwoman of CBR Drienerlo. 

It is important to know that the CBR is a part-time board year. This means that you will spend 5 hours a week on average doing things regarding CBR. Some weeks it might be more and in others, it will be less. To give you a better idea of what a board member of the CBR does, I will take you along in one of my weeks.

On Monday, I started with a meeting with the municipality. Another board member and I handle all the meetings with the municipality together. In these meetings, we usually talk about how to organize the collaboration between all the rental organizations and student housing representatives in the municipality of Enschede. These meetings take place around once per month.
On Tuesday, I started the day with our board meeting. Each Tuesday we do a meeting with the board to discuss what everyone has been doing, what needs to be done, and whether there are any topics that we received via mail, De Veste, word of mouth, or any of our socials
In the afternoon on Tuesday, we held a working moment for our policy point ‘’name recognition’’. We were able to keep this working moment very short since name recognition has improved significantly already since we started our board year, so we mostly talked about how we can keep up the good work.

Then on Thursday, we did a fun activity together with the whole board. In the evening, we went out to dinner and afterward did an escape room.
And that was already it! Of course, every week looks very different. Next to the regular board meetings, every board member also does meetings with their street committees around every month. We also have a monthly meeting with Richard, the contact person from De Veste. This meeting replaces the board meeting that week. 

And we do many other things! We have meetings with the University and De Veste to talk about co-optation, for example. Additionally, we also host a Central Tenants Council meeting around every 6 months to update tenants on what we have been doing and to give them the opportunity to bring ideas or comments to the table. We are also looking into hosting consultation evenings, which will be similar to the council meetings but with a lower threshold. But most importantly we are here to listen to all the tenants of De Veste living on campus and make sure their voice is heard!